Drain Gully Flushing

Blocked Gullies Cleaned & Flushed

Maintenance is the key to preventing localised flooding issues. Our drain gully flushing service prevents debris build up and blockages developing.

Drain gullies are basins set in the ground that catch wastewater in a concrete pot from kitchens, restaurants, commercial buildings, and so on. The wastewater is then sent through pipes to empty into the sewer.

A blocked drain gully that is left unattended is going to turn into a harmful bacteria factory. Turning the drain gully into a hygienically unsafe place to be until the blockage has been cleared. The odour alone will make it very unpleasant to be near the drain gully. This may not be a DIY project.

A blocked drain gully can result in flooding which can spread the unsanitary debris over a wider area. Should flooding spread under a door and get into someone else’s building there will be contamination. There could be legal troubles as a result of the dirty sewage water that flooded into someone else’s building.

Benefits of Regular Gully Maintenance

Fewer number of blockages

Regular gully drain maintenance will reduce the occurrences of drain blockage. Having a maintenance schedule will assure the drains are checked by trained personnel who know how to clean a gully drain and keep it clean. A pipe that is cleaned regularly will low smoother with less debris build up. Less flooding of sewer water because the gully drain is blocked.

Cleaner smelling drain, free of odour

When the gully drains are cleaned regularly through scheduled maintenance, the drain is emitting less foul odours. Regular cleaning keeps the sewer odours down where they belong,

Lower costs

With scheduled cleaning there are fewer incidents of blockage and the cost of a cleaning call out is prevented. The maintenance costs are always lower than the service callouts, usually at time and a half.

Your drain is cleaner

When outdoors a blocked gully drain will reek of sewer gas, be infested with insects, harmful bacteria and be slimy and slick to walk over. Scheduled maintenance and cleaning will keep the roaches away, the odour from sewer gases at bay, the surfaces will be safer to walk across.

Blocked gully drains can affect your business, customers or clients will avoid entering your premises when the gully drains are emitting the stench of sewer gas, your floors are crawling with insects and people’s health is at risk. By hiring a gully drain flushing service to keep your drains flowing is a sound investment for improving your ROI.

Maintenance is the key to preventing localised flooding issues. Our drain gully flushing services prevent debris build-up and blockage developing.


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